For Sale RACAL AN/PRC-139 Set

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For Sale RACAL AN/PRC-139 Set

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1 EA Racal radio AN/PRC-139 30-88 MHz, used, tested, working, with little using marks in the paint
2 EA batteries NiCd 12V, used, not tested (12 EA AA-cells inside)
1 EA short rubber antenna, used
1 EA foldable blade antenna with goose neck, used
1 RA Racal loudspeaker microphone used with little using marks in the plastic housing
1 EA handset H-250 new
1 EA carrying harness used with nearly no using marks
1 EA short manual
1 EA frequency programming as you want between 30 and 88 MHz


I cannot programm the keys for COMSEC!

For pictures send a mail to

Please make your offer!

The AN/PRC-139 is a Light Assault Radio, which is very similiar to the
AN/PRC-521 of the Canadian Army. It is a modern, lightweight, tactical assault
VHF Radio. It is
soldier friendly, easily maintained and highly portable.

The radio supports voice secure and can communicate with the Combat Net Radio
(Primary) in a fixed frequency mode. With it´s specification it is the smallest,
front-line radio available to the Army. It is the pre MBITR which is called

The AN/PRC-139 can be used in a variety of hand-held or manpack roles, meeting
the needs of dismounted platoons and sections, security personnel, sentries,
police, and emergency forces.

Voice and data 30 - 88 MHz
25 kHz BW, 12.5 kHz channel steps
Two switchable power levels
Two tactical antenna types available
Secure and non-secure modes


AN/PRC-139 Manpack radio set
Physical Characteristics:
Transceiver Length: 170 mm
Transceiver Length (Battery attached): 230 mm
Width: 75 mm
Depth: 45 mm
Transceiver Weight: 700 g
Transceiver Weight (Battery attached): 1.3 kg


Frequency Range: 30 - 88 MHz
Bandwidth: 25 kHz
Modulation: FM (F3E)
Channels: 14 preset, each separately programmable by fill device, PC, or radio
Frequency spacing/channel steps: 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz

Power Supply:

Supply voltage: 10V nominal (12V normal with delivered but not tested batteries.
Batteries must be rebuild or bought from dealer)
Battery life: (1:1:8 duty cycle)
Secondary (Lithium) battery life (low power Tx): 24 hours minimum
Secondary (Lithium) battery life (high power at 25ºC): 20 hours
Primary (rechargeable) battery life (low power Tx): 12 hours minimum
Primary (rechargeable) battery life (high power at 25ºC): 10 hours

Transmitter power output: 0.5 and 2 watts, min. (switchable)
Receiver RX sensitivity: -116dBm (0.35DV) for 12 dB SINAD
Audio output power: 400 mW into 8 ohms
Audio output power: 10 mW into 300 ohms
Volume control: Six stepped volume levels
Spurious response and image rejection: Greater than 65 dB

External Controls:
Channel switch
On/off switch
Crypto switch
Squelch override

Communications Range:

Short flexible rubber antenna: 500 metres nominal (plain text mode, low power)
Lightweight blade antenna: 10 kilometres nominal (plain text mode, high power)

Environmental Characteristics (to MIL-STD-810):

Temperature: -30ºC to +70ºC operating
Humidity: 90%, non-condensing
Immersion: 2 metres
Salt fog: 5% atmosphere
Shock: 1 metre drop

Possible accessories:

Short flexible antenna
Long blade antenna with goose neck
Primary and secondary batteries
Battery chargers
Carrying harness
Frequency fill device
PC programmable (with software adapter)
Different Frquenzy Modules (30-88 MHz, 136-174 MHz, 403-470 MHz)